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Entry #3

Final Fantasy

2011-07-12 19:22:30 by EpicRPGRemixes

Me gusta...
What's your favorite Final Fantasy?


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2012-04-04 21:08:37

Well i prefer final fantasy IX, the last one for playstation 1, the musics can hit your heart :)


2012-04-09 22:08:49



Kefka. That is all.

EpicRPGRemixes responds:

That's my favorite, too, and for the same reason :D

Sephiroth is an emo little momma's boy, while Kefka is a sociopath with a knack for destroying the world!


2012-04-29 09:55:04

Gameplay: X.
Storyline: X (though I haven't played IX yet, and people have been recommending it to me).
Music: X-2 and XII.


2014-10-15 19:04:16

It's a tie between VI and VII. The rest I like far less. Which one's your favourite?


2014-10-15 19:18:13

Ow, VI is. I see. Yeah, Kefka is cool, but aren't Kefka and Sephiroth rather the same. They both have a knack for destroying the world. Even if Sephiroth is a momma's boy, he's a darker version of Kefka. Besides being a momma's boy isn't so bad when your mother is an extraterrestrial goddess of destruction. It also gave his character more depth. Now I'm talking about this, I think I like VII a little better than VI. The graphics are better in VI, but I think VII had a slightly better story. Also I like the materia system. Best system in the entire series.

EpicRPGRemixes responds:

Definitely not gonna call VI the best FF gameplay-wise, but I'm a complete sucker for VI's soundtrack. Not a single dud track imo. Plus, I love the whole opera event to death. Celes is awesome~


2016-02-26 17:59:01